So you are thinking about becoming an Avon Sales Leader… selling and recruiting for the worlds number 1 direct selling company that is renowned for innovation and setting trends in the giant world of cosmetics.

So lets cut to the chase.

Becoming an Avon Sales Leader with VIP Leaders will provide you with an abundance of tools and resources not available to any other Sales Leader. What’s more, imagine having so many leads, there are not enough hours in the day to contact them all. More on this below…

Avon is a great company and the tools available to all Sales Leaders are excellent. Avon very kindly provide its Sales Leaders with a personal recruitment page (1 page website) the idea of this is to capture leads, however all of them are invisible on search engines such as Google, this is because every website is identical and Google does not index duplicate content. So the only traffic that you’ll get to your PRP will be those you send there through traditional marketing. As a Sales Leader with VIP Leaders we will provide you with your very own website, that will be designed to attract visitors and leads through the power of search engines.

So what tools and resources do you provide me as an Avon Sales Leader with VIP Leaders?

Once you have completed your training and achieved Advanced Coordinator level we will provide you:

  • bespoke search engine friendly website linked to your BAR form (worth £850) – We will work together to build it, teach you how to further develop it through optimisation and adding more content etc. You will not be left to your own devices.
  • Any professional advertising materials for your online/offline marketing, this includes banners, leaflets, cards, as well as other branded equipment for events etc.
  • Access to our VIP Leaders support network, this will provide you with exclusive training materials, plus you will be able to provide your own team of Representatives access to our Representative support network.
  • Our facebook page reaches over 200,000 people every single week!! You will have the opportunity to tap in to this reach to generate leads for your business.
  • Exclusive team incentives for both you and your downlines, as well as team meetings and 1-1 mentoring sessions with some of the top Leaders within Avon.

So be smart, become an Avon Sales Leader with VIP Leaders and recruit, motivate and manage the biggest team you can ever imagine.