It’s no secret that I am not brand new to Avon… I first joined Avon Sales Leadership in 2004 and was one of the first in the UK to reach Senior Executive Leader status. 10 years later we saw the launch of Avon Advanced Leadership and WOW what a business model!

One of the hardest things to overcome in this business is pushing your way past all of the doubters… if I had a pound for every time I heard people telling me ‘it will never work’ ‘you need to get a real job’ ‘it’s  one of those pyramid things’ ‘you have to join right at the beginning’ bla bla bla I would be richer than Lord Sugar.

So, when Avon launched Advanced Leadership I wanted to prove all of the doubters wrong by resigning and rejoining as a trainee leader. I have given up my team to be able to do this but that’s OK because I am confident that I can make this work… and if I am going to do this I am going to do it without any paid advertising or outside support… I want to prove that anyone can be successful with Avon Advanced Leadership.

I am going to keep updating this post with my progress as I work through the levels from trainee to Leader.



So I have been out working for the past three weeks building my team by setting myself a target of speaking to at least 50 people per day and appointing 3 new team members each day. Here are my results and earnings for my first three weeks…

In my first campaign I achieved 40 LOA1 orders… so for all of those people who said the 40 LOA1 bonuses cannot be achieved within a year, I just did it in three weeks! I have worked my way through 5 of the group sales bonuses that Avon gives you 11 campaigns (approx 8 months) to achieve… putting me at Senior Coordinator level and earning me a total of £1,633.22 in my first three weeks.



One of the things I have found most surprising and funny since publishing my first campaign results is how many people are still saying it’s not possible… have I not just proved that it is! No it isn’t down to having an amazing upline who knows a secret short cut to success… there’s no secret here, just hard work and the right mindset.

So, here are my second campaign results…

In my second campaign I managed to grow my team by 7 and I worked with my existing team to grow our group sales by over £5,000… this resulted in me achieving a further £1,800 in group sales bonuses, something Avon give you almost a year to achieve. With the LOA2 bonuses I received plus team commission I have made a total of £2,833.27 in the last three weeks… that’s a total earnings of £4,466.49 since I started just 6 weeks ago.



If nothing else comes from me publishing my results here, all I hope is that it will show and inspire others to achieve greater success through Advanced Leadership.

I started my trainee to leader journey just 9 weeks ago… I have built this team from the ground up and without any outside support such as paid advertising or an upline. In my opinion Avon is by far the best opportunity to run your own sustainable business from home so how hard can it be to simply share this opportunity by talking about it to anyone you meet!

In my third campaign I moved up a level to Leader and with group sales of 18K I have now achieved every group sales bonus and earned myself £2,313.95 in the last three weeks… giving me a grand total of £6,780.44 since I joined as a trainee in campaign 15 just 9 weeks ago.

I will continue to work my way through the levels until I reach VIP by simply repeating what I have just done but this time I’ll be repeating it with members of my team. There’s no secret to success in this business… just the right mindset and consistency.

If you would like to work directly with me to achieve the same or greater results, leave me a message in the comments below or email me at

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