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We are here to help you begin your journey with Avon and achieve your dream of working for yourself … but first lets rewind a few years and tell you a bit more about us and why we chose Avon to partnership with.

It started back in 2010 when our finances were hit hard after Dennis needed time off from work due to suffering from a back injury … let me tell you statutory sick pay does not stretch far! The reality was Dennis couldn’t continue working the manual engineering job he had worked for 30+ years so it was time for change.

We started looking around at different business opportunities … we thought maybe a printing business would compliment my design business so we looked at a couple of franchises but these just didn’t fill us with excitement.

Now few people know that I had already built a successful team with Avon in 2004 – 2008. I was the UK’s youngest Senior Executive Sales Leader reaching a team size of 700+ (that’s me in the middle … wasn’t I young!) … but this came to an unfortunate end in 2008 after I suffered a breakdown when going through a difficult divorce.

So we’re now in 2010, we are debating our future and suddenly I thought to myself … why not just go back to Avon! I already knew Avon worked! I’ve done it before so we can do it again … in fact I believed we could do it even better because both myself and Dennis bring something totally different to the party! So on a family holiday to Portugal over a jug of sangria we decided Avon was going to be our next adventure!

Now I knew if we were ever going to stand a chance of building a big team we would need to give it our all … there would be no time for anything else! So I sold my design business, Dennis handed in his notice at work and we jumped in to our Avon business!

Lots of people have said to me over the years OMG weren’t you worried, what if it didn’t work! Well what if anything doesn’t work in life? You can go to university and end up with no job at the end of it but this doesn’t stop thousands of people from trying to better themselves each year.

AND then came the doubters! What if you joined at the right time when you did Avon before … or what if you were just lucky! Do you really believe you can do it all over again? Actually I am now grateful for the fact that I’ve made Avon work for me twice just so I can say I have proven both of these points … anyone can join Avon at any time and make it work for them, you don’t just get lucky!

During our 8 years in this business we’ve achieved Avon’s Celebrate Leadership trip to some amazing destinations around the world every single year! BUT what’s even better is seeing members of our own team achieve this exclusive trip for Avon’s top 20 leaders too!

We’ve achieved three cars through Avon’s Drive Leadership programme and a WHOPPING network of 4000+ Representatives!! Generating £4.6 million in sales during 2018!

BUT this next picture has got to be our biggest achievement to date …

Avon Leadership

When we were asked to co-host Avon’s first Leader led national business meeting!! We are two very normal people and this was a million miles outside of our comfort zone … but we gained so much personal development through this experience and we also feel it shows how far we are prepared to go for our team and our business.

Avon Leadership

We have helped many people achieve their goals with Avon and we’re always on the lookout for more! If you are forward thinking, friendly and hard working, we can also help you to build your own team through Avon’s Advanced Leadership programme.

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Michelle & Dennis … 8 years of helping people achieve their dreams!

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