AVON Advanced Leadership is an opportunity for you to run your own business alongside Avon, meaning you are your own boss but without that daunting feeling of being in business on your own.

So, if you’re a self motivated person who dares to dream big with the ambition of running your own business where you will be recruiting new Avon Representatives, as well as training and supporting your existing team…then Avon Advanced Leadership could be the exciting challenge you’ve been looking for.

The Advanced Leadership structure consists of 12 titles split across 4 levels: Coordinators, Leaders, Executive Leaders and VIP. Here’s the average annual earnings from Coordinator to Chief Executive Sales Leader.

Watch our video on the Advanced Leadership commission structure over in our facebook group #itsavipthing to see what you need to achieve each of these levels.

What is the Fast Start Programme?

It’s a programme to support and reward you in your first year as a Sales Leader. Encouraging you to reach higher levels of success and earn more through Cash Rewards.

Who’s it for?

It’s available to all Sales Leaders in their first year of Advanced Leadership.

How does it work?

By growing your team and growing your sales, you can earn even more EVERY campaign.

What’s on the table?

Watch our video on the Advanced Leadership Fast Start Bonus over in our facebook group #itsavipthing to really gain a clearer understanding on how to achieve these bonuses.


We are part of the largest and most successful team in Avon UK that provides all of our leaders with a vast network of training and support for you to tap into. We know that we are only ever as good as our team and that’s why our team is the heart of our business.

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