Avon Leadership
As an Avon Leader you will recruit, train and motivate your own team of Avon Representatives.
We have over 200 Leaders in our network, some build their business part time and some build it full time. It’s completely flexible, there are no limits, you’re literally rewarded on the level of effort you put in.
As a Leader you will earn commission from your team sales as well as a Fast Start Bonus during your first year.
Avon Leadership is a great opportunity for anyone who’s self motivated and looking to work from home. Plus with the introduction of online appointments we can now recruit anytime and anywhere in the UK … meaning there really is no limit on how far you can take this business.


Firstly all Leaders are Avon Representatives too and you must place an order every three weeks in order to qualify as a Leader … you’re then looking for people who want to earn an extra income and appointing them as an Avon Representative. You then simply show them how to sell Avon just like you.
Our team recruits over 400 new Representatives every three weeks, meaning we can show you how to recruit and then once you’ve recruited a new team member we have a clever duplication system for you to plugin to and follow with your new Rep.
It’s this duplication system that enables our team to recruit and retain on a much bigger scale … this system was created by one of Avon’s top leaders, it’s the reason our network doubled in size in 2018 and it’s unique to our team.

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