Avon has just launched a new way to track and trace returns bags as they make their way back.

If, and when, you contact the Sales Service Centre about your returns Avon will now have more information to hand. You need to ensure that you securely attach a barcode label to each returns bag otherwise the driver won’t accept it, and Avon won’t be able to track your return.

It’s simple… your carrier picks up your returns bag, as usual, when they’re delivering your next order. When your driver returns to the depot the bag is scanned and Avon’s database is updated to say that the returns bag has been received. Then, when Avon receive the bag back into Corby the barcode will be scanned again and Avon’s database will be updated to say that they’ve received the bag.

This should result in Avon no longer needing to ask Representatives to send a proof of return document as Avon will now have more information about where each return bag is.

So that Avon can provide this real time information to Representatives, they’re going to be asking everyone to securely attach a barcode label onto each and every returns bag, along with a completed returns form. As a reminder, a sheet of barcodes can be found on the last sheet of your  first invoice, and a sheet will be attached to your invoice every time you request a credit.

If you need more information about the returns process please check out My Learning Zone.

Dennis Greaves left his job to embark on a journey in to the world of Network Marketing in 2011. He chose AVON because it's such a well known brand and it fits in around his family. He now invites you to be a part of his mission to free as many people as possible from their 9 till 5 jobs through what he believes to be the best opportunity on the planet.

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