I came across this in the news today and just had to share it with you all. Debbie Davis Avon first Millionaire after losing her job in a factory 6 years ago.

debbie davis avonA woman who was jobless six years ago and struggling to pay the bills is celebrating after becoming the first millionaire Avon lady.

Debbie Davis, 31, and her partner have earned £1.4million from selling cosmetics door-to-door for the make-up company.

Miss Davis, who was raised on a council estate, has built up a team of 8,000 representatives and is the proud owner of a recently renovated home and a sporty Mercedes.

After being made redundant from a printing factory in 2004, she found herself struggling to make ends meet and paid £15 to sign up as an Avon representative to help pay the bills.

In just one week she became sales leader and recruited her partner, Dave Carter, to work in her team as a representative.

During a three-week campaign they turned over £18,800 worth of products.

Since then they have built up one of the largest teams in the UK.

Last year Miss Davis, from Sunderland, took home £300,000 and has turned over a staggering £9.3million in total for the business.

This year the couple were crowned the make-up company’s top earners for the fifth year running.

Read the full story on the Daily Mail Website

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