It only seems like yesterday that we attended Live Leadership in August 2014 where we heard for the first time about the destination for this years top 20 trip… New York!!

This has got to be the best top 20 trip Avon has done in the history of Sales Leadership, so we knew the competition would be tough.

We are so pleased and so proud to have finished in 5th place… making this the fourth year in a row that we’ve achieved a position in the top 20 Avon Leaders for the UK… and considering this is just our firth year in Avon we think this team has a lot to shout about.

Avon top 20 new york

We want to thank each and every one of our Avon Representatives and Avon Leaders who have all worked so well together to achieve this incentive.

Dennis & Michelle x

Dennis Greaves left his job to embark on a journey in to the world of Network Marketing in 2011. He chose AVON because it's such a well known brand and it fits in around his family. He now invites you to be a part of his mission to free as many people as possible from their 9 till 5 jobs through what he believes to be the best opportunity on the planet.

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