We just love reading all of the Avon success stories, this next story of Avon Sales Leader Jeanette Coulson just shows what you can achieve with the right mindset and determination. 

If you’re currently struggling to make ends meet Jeanette is a perfect example of how you can turn your life around with Avon…

Avon Success StoriesJUST three years ago Jeanette Coulson struggled to survive.

Making ends meet was a daily battled on a £30-a-week budget and crippling debts of £35,000.

But today her life couldn’t be more different.

For Jeanette has turned her fortunes around and has amassed a £1m turnover as an Avon lady.

Yet it wasn’t so long ago she was suffering from depression, working seven days-a-week as a complaints manager for nPower and surviving on a pittance after her ex left her with a massive debt.

“I used to cover all the overtime at work,” said Jeanette of Stanley, County Durham. “If I didn’t do the overtime I didn’t have any money, that’s how bad it was.

“Money was tight. I used to work all the weekends otherwise I would not be able to afford to eat. I got into debt because he lived the high life, buying new clothes and cars, taking out loans and credit cards.

“At that time I was not too good. I had lost my mum to cancer. He was pulling at my heartstrings.

“When I found out about the debt it was a nightmare and I fought to sort it out. I only had £30 to my name to buy food. My friends and family said to me ‘your mum always bought Avon why not try selling it’ and I thought why not.” Jeanette applied for a job as a part-time sales leader in 2008 and was successful.

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Dennis Greaves left his job to embark on a journey in to the world of Network Marketing in 2011. He chose AVON because it's such a well known brand and it fits in around his family. He now invites you to be a part of his mission to free as many people as possible from their 9 till 5 jobs through what he believes to be the best opportunity on the planet.

2 thoughts on “RAGS TO RICHES

  1. joanne kerry

    Im a avon rep and this is my second campaign, i started doing avon as i work weekends due to having a three year old and my employer wont allow me to go back full time at work.
    ive made 452 pound on my first brochure which im really pleased about and looking forward to my commission.
    im really wanting to make this work as im enjoying doing this and hungray for it and would like to make it into a successful business for myself so me and my family can have a better life, these success storys are very inspiring and i would like to think it could be me some day. Thanks jo


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