Sprowston Representative celebrates 50 years of service

AVON LADYAfter reading this story from Avon Lady Brenda Bishop, I wonder if it was fate that she joined AVON on Valentine’s Day all those years ago, as she explains how her love for her role as an Avon Representative has lead to her celebrating 50 years with the company.

Brenda now aged 76-year-old shares her story and gives much inspiration to many women across the UK. She is living proof of how enjoyable and worthwhile the AVON Representative opportunity truly is.

AVON Lady Brenda Bishop tells her story…

She must surely be one of the country’s longest serving Avon ladies, having delivered beauty products to Sprowston homes for half a century.

Mrs Bishop first started as an Avon rep on St Valentine’s Day 1961, just two years after the brand came over to England from the United States.

“When I started off I covered the whole of Sprowston. Hardly anybody had heard of Avon then so I spent a lot of time explaining to people what it was,” she said.

“It was just perfumes and cosmetics then, but now there’s jewellery, accessories, toys, underwear, and a men’s section.

“Nowadays it is catalogue sales, but back then we used to have to knock on the door and introduce ourselves.

“We had a lovely big black display case with all the samples, and you would sit and let the customer try them all.

“I liked it best in the beginning because you got to know everybody. It was very personal.

“I would often take my daughter Gail around with me and my dog Sherry, who became known as the Avon dog for a long while.”

In recent times Mrs Bishop’s Avon round has consisted of just under 50 people in the roads close to her home which she shares with her husband Geoff in Linacre Avenue. She said many of these people were some of her earliest customers who have stayed with her throughout her Avon career.

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