Avon campaigns are usually three weeks long, except for the campaigns around Christmas and New Year, which are two weeks long. You will be notified of the relevant order and delivery dates on your invoice, or online when you log in.


Avon has 18 campaigns in a year. Each campaign you should plan ahead and work back from the date you need to submit your order so you can plan time for when you are going to:


    • Visit your customers and circulate brochures
    • Look for new customers and canvass any roads allocated to you
    • Collect customer orders
    • Submit your Avon order 
    • Deliver orders to your customers and collect their payment
    • Pay Avon for your order.


This process is repeated on a campaign basis. You can use a diary or a calendar to plan your time, working back from the date you need to submit your order to maximise your selling opportunity!



Dennis Greaves left his job to embark on a journey in to the world of Network Marketing in 2011. He chose AVON because it's such a well known brand and it fits in around his family. He now invites you to be a part of his mission to free as many people as possible from their 9 till 5 jobs through what he believes to be the best opportunity on the planet.

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